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Intelligent Mixed Reality 


Intelligent Mixed Reality is where your surroundings begin to blend with virtual environments.

Life can be boring and hard at times, mobile applications are difficult to build, and we all could use some excitement in our life.  IMR is here to lift your level of excitement, engagement and productivity integrating the virtual with the here and now.

The IMR framework integrates with a predesigned mobile template that pushes your content in real-time.  No need to always wish you had a personal mobile application of your own, you can quickly get started, use it for your business, your classroom, or just share information with your friends.

How this system works:

  • Begin by creating an account with IMR

  • Select the features for your mobile application

  • Add Content

  • Select Submit

  • Wait for your application to arrive

  • Test

  • Make changes

  • Go Live!


  • Customizable menu system

  • Content editor

  • Events

  • Mapping

  • Augmented Reality

  • Virtual Agents

  • Quiz

  • Authentication (Google, Facebook)

  • Analytics