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Badger App™

Badger App™ : We built your mobile app so you don’t have to.  A customizable mobile ready application for iOS and Android.  EduTechnologic™ removed the obstacles, of cost, development, support and the need to hire an expensive design firm to build your application. Simply purchase a plan, access your IMR account and start loading your content right away. Badger App™ was designed for industry, business, classrooms, family or just share information with your friends.

Need more than the basic Badger App™, we offer fully customized solutions for clients to develop purposeful solutions that excite, engage and retain your customers.  Our solution is openly architected to allow for integration of third party applications.*

EduTechnologic™ solutions are built upon the Intelligent Mixed Reality™ (IMR) framework, where our technology blends with your surroundings to create exciting and rich virtual experiences.     

*Third party solutions must adhere to W3C API standard protocols.
EduTechnologic, llc is not responsible for content published by the application publisher/owner(s) and does not reflect the views of EduTechnologic.  Feedback and any copyright issues must be addressed directly with the application publisher/owner(s).